Michigan State men's and women's basketball begins this week.  The Detroit Lions come off their bye week, and are in action this coming Sunday.  And we'll have the Division 2 regional championship game between East Lansing and Byron Center this Friday night.  Plus more MSU Hockey and the MSU football game this coming Saturday.

Here's the sports schedule for the upcoming week:

Tuesday:  Adam Nightengale Show - 7-8p - WJIM-AM.  Red Wings - 7:15p pregame - WVFN.

Wednesday:  MSU Football Coaches Show - 7-8p - WJIM-AM/WMMQ.  MSU Women's Basketball - 6:15p pregame - WVFN.

Thursday:  MSU Men's Basketball - 6:00p pregame - WJIM-AM/WMMQ.  Red Wings - 6:45p pregame - WVFN.

Friday:  High School Football (Byron Center @ East Lansing) - 6:00p pregame - WVFN.  MSU Hockey - 6:30p pregame - WJIM-AM.

Saturday:  MSU Hockey - 3:30p pregame - WVFN.  White Law PLLC Tailgate Show - 4:00p-6:00p - WJIM-AM/WMMQ.  MSU Football - 6:00p pregame - WJIM-AM/WMMQ.

Sunday:  MSU Women's Basketball - 1:45p pregame - WJIM-AM.  Nachos & Kneecaps - 2:00p-3:00p - WVFN/WMMQ.  Lions Football - 3:00p pregame - WVFN/WMMQ.

Lansing-Area H.S. Football Top 10 Poll - (After Week 11)