This article may be unpopular to some people.  But frankly, I don't care.

Because Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell (pictured above) needs to go to "In-Game Coaching School."

How many more games is he going to personally lose until people start holding him accountable?

Yes, I know the Lions have won their first division title in 30 years.  And they'll host their first playoff game ever at Ford Field next week against an opponent to be determined.  Yes, great season!!!

But if Dan Campbell was a better in-game coach, they wouldn't be playing next week.  They'd have the week off and be resting up for the divisional playoff game at Ford Field in two weeks.

How so??  Well, I talked about the Seattle loss back in September.  And last Saturday's  controversial loss to the Dallas Cowboys is yet another example.

Yes, I know that the officials probably botched the call on the last two-point play.  It sure looked like that both Dan Skipper and Taylor Decker reported as eligible for that play.

But reality is reality, and they called the penalty.  So, that put the ball back at the 7 yard-line.  And instead of doing the right thing by kicking the extra point, Campbell tried to be all macho and hard and went for two points...FROM THE SEVEN YARD LINE!!!  Even after a Dallas penalty, he still went for it.  That's just stupid.

That was the third and last idiotic thing he did during that game.  Remember when he went for it in the first half inside the Dallas 5?  Dallas was ahead 7-3 at the time and it was 4th and 3 from the Dallas 4 with 5 1/2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.  Instead of taking an easy field goal to make it 7-6 before halftime, Campbell got reckless and went for it.  Of course they didn't get it.

That was preceded by the fake punt inside the Detroit 30 yard line.  Yes, I know it worked.  But it was the wrong call.  It was 4th and 2 from the Detroit 28 yard line.  You're only down 7-3, punt the ball away!!!

For all the love that Campbell gets from the fans and the media, he is absolutely reckless when coaching a game.

Now, I love being aggressive.  I had no problem with them going for two at the end of the game.  And there are other times when going for it on fourth down makes sense.  But sometimes, the conservative play is the right play.  Campbell is overaggressive and it cost his team four points against Dallas.  Add in the Seattle and Green Bay losses (which he is partially responsible for other idiotic decisions), and you a 12-5 Lions team that could be/should be 14-2.

Coaches aren't supposed to lose games.  They tell the media, and by extension, the fans:  "Don't question us!!!  We're smarter than all of you!!!"

Well folks, coaches aren't smarter than us.  We see that every week in (name your sport here).

Remember, the job of the head coach is to put the players in the best possible position to win the game.  And Dan Campbell isn't doing that, and it's costing the Detroit Lions.

I only hope it doesn't cost them a playoff game, or God forbid, a Super Bowl victory.

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