They say all publicity is good publicity. In that way, I suppose the Unicorn Lounge in Lansing's Old Town got some free advertising out of the world's largest online message board.

The subreddit called r/NotInteresting, which is "for things that are not interesting at all," recently featured a user submission about the Unicorn. This particular user apparently wasn't familiar with and/or appreciative of the Unicorn's unique brand and personality, as evidenced by their post about the establishment's irreverent front door.

I didn’t go in here because they sound mean.
by u/ChekovsCurlyHair in notinteresting

The Unicorn Lounge is known for its surly brand voice, which is part of its charm. This is the message that greets you on the bar's website homepage:

Beer is cold
Drinks are doubles
Don’t ask for a mojito
We play music we like
Don’t complain
We decide your limits
Don’t be a diva
Never ever ever ever touch the Unicorn

It all went over the heads of many redditors.

Go in and angrily order a mojito.

I would have avoided this place as well.

My grandpa's favorite drink is a mojito.

I wonder if Cosmopolitans are ok.

Ehhh i like quirky bars and clubs but this is just off putting.

Many redditors got it, though.

Come in, shut up and drink, is actually very appealing to me.

This is interesting. Please remove. Mods.

The gate of heaven.

I must be old, this place sounds pleasant if not downright delightful.

I seriously wish there was a bar like this in my neighborhood. Unironically perfect.

Unfortunately, the Unicorn Lounge has been closed since the COVID-19 pandemic began three years ago. There are some rumors that the bar is readying to reopen, but nothing has been made official.

So if you want to visit, you'll have to stay tuned. Or, in the spirit of the Unicorn Lounge, don't. We couldn't care less.

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