A Fenton High School student took first place in an Esports tournament over the weekend.

On Saturday, March 4th, 2023, Divine Child High School in Dearborn, Michigan hosted a DC Sanctum Series: Smash 2023 tournament for over 60 students. The Michigan High School Esports League helped run the tournament where Fenton's own Carson Tiemann took first place in the amateur bracket.

The students competed against each other playing the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The tournament consisted of an amateur bracket with 17 entrants, which Tiemann won, and a singles bracket with 65 entrants. Student Robert Rabinowitz of Bloomfield Hills claimed the first-place title in the singles bracket.

The Michigan High School Esports League has a mission to

...provide safe, competitive, and curricular environments that allow student-athletes the opportunity to build critical skill sets, explore vast career paths, and contribute to their school's culture within varsity esports.

Local Genesee County schools that compete in the Michigan High School Esports League include Davison High School, Fenton High School, Grand Blanc Community Schools, Hamady High School, Linden High School, and Swartz Creek High School.

I am so jealous of kids today for having these types of school opportunities. These leagues also get kids out of their shells as it is said that 45% of students involved in esports haven't participated in any other school sports or activities.

I'm sure all of the adults reading this wish we could have competed on a stage like this with Mortal Combat and Mario Kart 64. I would have destroyed in Mario Kart too.

Congrats again to Carson Tiemann!

Source: Fenton High School

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